{Big News!}

I am not pregnant, people, OK? Now. Please keep in mind two things. 1. I hate iMovie and YouTube equally. 2. Someone gave me a lot of re-writes on the first draft, so this was a little more rushed that it should have been. But I couldn’t keep Danny G. waiting any longer {because I

{A Girl’s Best Friend} The Hope Diamond

I can’t give up the big secrets yet. But. In compensatory atonement, I’m  supplementing my Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday posts and sharing a little something something I think you’ll enjoy on this freezing Wednesday. I’m in the middle of researching a new project that has me all over the Smithsonian’s website. Needless to say, I’m rolling in a

{Deep Breath…}

I am going to blow each and every single one of your minds with what I have up my sleeve. Sadly, you’re going to have to wait until Thursday to find out what it is. But I promise. This is worth the wait. xo -MM.

{Engagement Blooper Reel}

And… as promised. With the Good comes, also, the Bad and the Ugly. Happily Jayd is a kickass photographer so the bad photos were alarmingly few and far between. But. Thanks to my super-awkward face, they were there. And now, they’re here! If there was an Academy Award Ceremony… for completely and horribly and irreparably

{Our Engagement}

Yes! At long last, our Engagement Photos are ready to be seen by {The Whole World}! Hurrah! {Are you cheering? I shall assume you are cheering!} Ladies and gentlemen, for your consideration: The Groom & I. We opted to shoot in our old ‘hood, where we lived together as a couple for the first time.


I… am not the best artist you’ll meet. In fact, the only thing I’m particularly adept at drawing are stick figures. But. What I lack in natural *ahem* talent… I make up for with enthusiasm and colored pencils. I was chatting with Aunt Paula at a party over the weekend and she told me about

{Thinly Veiled} – Sheila’s Bridal

I was not in the least bit interested in wearing a veil on my wedding day. First of all, I’m not that pure, as most of the bridesmaids in my party can {and will} attest. Second, I’m the single most graceless woman on the face of the planet. I’m a wrecking ball wearing ballet flats.

{J. Crew: The Full Story}

All right. The girls have received their dresses – for the most part – so I make no hesitation to tell the rest of brides out there the epic tale of getting 6 bridesmaids who live several thousand miles from one another fitted, ordered and on the same page. First, I have to let it

{Funny Story.}

Y’all wanna hear the funniest damn story? I bet you do. Remember, that one time, when I got all excited because we found the bridesmaid dresses at J.Crew? And then, recall that other time, when they told me that they had been discontinued, and all the sizes were sold out? Remember? … Remember? {click, if

{Engagement Shoot: My Favorite}

Hey, y’all. I owe you an apology. This week has been more intense than I expected, and it’s not going to ease up anytime soon. I have a lot of ideas ready for a Post-Thanksgiving, Post-Novel, Pre-Christmas posts that are going to make everyone’s soul heave a sign of relief and crack a smile, no