The Couple

I just realized that there’s nothing on here telling anyone anything about James and I.

Well, that right there about sums it up for you: We’re fun and creative and hopelessly in love and hopelessly forgetful.

The Groom: James Viscardi

James is a Junior Marketing Administrator for Marvel Comics. His title is fancy, but his tee-shirt collection is why I’m marrying him. He is sweet, kind, gentle, patient and a complete nerd. (He once tried to name his goldfish after Nicky Fury– true story). He graduated with Honors from Pace University, earning a degree in Communications, and plans to one day Rule The World.  He proposed to The Bride in the Pace U dark room where they met, and posted his List of Reasons He Hopes She Said Yes on Kyran Pittman’s website– Notes To Self. You can stalk James on Twitter: here and can be reached via e-mail at James {dot} J {dot} Viscardi {at} gmail {dot} com.

The Bride: Mallory Murphy

I am not your traditional bride in the sense that I started planning my wedding after James asked me to marry him, but I had the dress hidden in the closet before he got down on one knee. I’m a dreamer, a thinker, a perpetual scholar and aspiring wordsmith. I love fashion, food and film, and will have a lifelong romance with Manhattan (even if we break up every other year or so). You can read all the Reasons I Said Yes over on my other stopping ground: Moxie Missives, and you can stalk me on Twitter: here or harass me via e-mail at Mallory {dot} P {dot} Murphy {at} gmail {dot} com.