{Upstate Wedding Shower}

Everyone survived the wedding shower/ stag party in Upstate, though there were a few moments there wherein my beloved future husband became intimately acquainted with my uncle’s bar-room toilet, and I was worried about the potential for alcohol poisoning.

This is what happens when my uncles get their hands on people. They’re the manliest he-men I’ve ever met, and I warned James not to try to keep up.


He didn’t die, so that’s all that matters.

The fact that he didn’t even have a hangover is grossly unfair, for the record. I take credit because I’m the one who pumped him full of bread and water and Advil when he woke up. Because I had watched him suffer enough the night before.

The Bridal Shower part of The Weekend Wedding Marathon was pleasant and lovely. We played a game wherein I’d tell a little story about each woman in attendance, then the others would guess who it was. Then the woman about whom I told the story… got a prize! Everyone loves prizes, so it worked out nicely.

I got prizes, too, and believe me when I tell you I could not be more excited for all the amazing home-ware gifts we received. I would be lying if I lead you to believe that I didn’t fantasize about once more having a space of my very own– a kitchen, in which I can put all my baking supplies, and store all my pots and pans, and keep all my dishes, and cook all our meals. I want a dining room that I can decorate and then host dinner parties in. I want an actual office, with giant whiteboards on the wall and an over-sized plush chair where I can sit for hours and write my brilliant thoughts.

And research recipes, of course. For the cooking. :)

Speaking of, the two gifts I am going to brag about are none other than:

Amazing Alice in Wonderland tea cup!

And then my mother added to my already outrageous cookbook collection with none other than: Martha Stewart’s Cooking School!

... So that, when I do get my very own kitchen again, I won't burn it down.

53 days to go!

Which is, you know… nuts… because I can almost count that high… ;)

xo -MM.

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