Home for the Weekend.

James and I trekked Upstate for our Upstate Wedding Shower this weekend.

Our 4.5 hour-long train ride took 6.5 hours, due to electrical problems {burning} and a ten-year old kid who told the conductor that he was traveling with his mother. It turned out, however, that she had sent him to school that morning and he decided instead to head down to Penn Station and hop aboard a train to Canada. He told the Child Protective Services rep who was randomly sitting behind me {a fabulously sassy lady with gorgeous ebony skin, the only adult on the train who got him to tell the truth} that it was because his teacher had been mean to him. So he didn’t want to go back to school.

Kudos to you, Kid, for having the balls to do something most adults I know couldn’t muster the courage to do. {Yes, I know how tragically this could have ended, but he’s fine now, and on his way back to NYC. But they didn’t discover him until Schenectady and didn’t figure out that he wasn’t being honest until we were at Albany. And in Albany we sat for an extra hour, while the conductors and the CPS rep sorted it all out.}

And then the lake effect snow kicked in, so we drove cautiously home in a white-out blizzard.

But, we ARE home. And Mom had a lovely fire roaring in the fireplace for us, and wine and cookies to warm us back up again. So we’re signing off for the weekend while we spend a little time with our family and celebrating our impending marriage. :)

xo -MM.

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