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I have oscillated through a handful of Online Bridal Site Phases.

Hear me out.

I started out not wanting to get sucked into Wedding World. Everyone looked so happy all the time; it didn’t seem normal. From the outside, it looked like a world of white, where women drank red wine and didn’t spill it on anything, knew the difference between etching and embossing when it came to stationary, and could turn stacks of old cloth into beautifully crafted invitations that released butterflies and a chorus of songbirds when guests opened them.

It was every socially awkward girl’s nightmare. There was no way I was going to be let into that club.

So then, I read everyone. Because I realized that there are as many different types of brides out there as there are brides, and that everyone has a unique story to tell. {And most of those stories are chronicled online, for other brides’ convenience.} The intimidating stigma of The Wedding World melted away, and I started to draw inspiration from — literally — everything.

Which, as you can imagine, was a bit much. I was still unsure of myself as a crafter, but remained resolute in my mission to be a DIY bride. Doubts aside, This Wedding was not going away, no matter how badly I wanted it to.

But lo, look at me now: 58 days away from my wedding and rigging old books to look like they’re spilling swarms of paper butterflies up into the heavens. I think part of the success of my transformation from Handi-crafted into Craft-Demi-Goddess has come with a more focused approach to whose blogs I read.

One of the blogs that has made “the cut” was Pretty Haute Mess, helmed by the lovely and talented Cori Busch.

Wait a second!, you’re yelling at me. Isn’t she a design blogger? You guys are so smart, there’s no fooling you, is there? Yes, Pretty Haute Mess is a design blog, but! — BUT!– Wedding Inspiration stems and blossoms from many a source. The thing about Truly Great Weddings or Awesome Themed Weddings or Personalized, Intimate Weddings… is that it’s hard to plan them while staying inside the neatly-packaged industry standard for What Constitutes a Wedding. If you want your wedding outside the box, you have to root around in more eclectic places. This is why my love is undying for Pretty Haute Mess.

Her site is visually engaging, her content is easy to read — even for designer rookies, like myself. The way I want our wedding to feel, to look, to stimulate our guests’ senses– it is more of a design challenge than a wedding challenge. I want the space to come to life, to feel like something straight from a story. {And, if I could get some of the decorations to translate into Home Decor for our first, house, I think it’d be a great way to string our wedding day along into the rest of our lives through more than just framed photographs. Not that there won’t be a bajillion of those, too.}

But the first step in any design process is to look– REALLY, LOOK– and determine what it is you want to build, how you want your space to feel when you’re all done. Pretty Haute Mess gives that feel– comprehensive final products that have easily-identified components that even a design simpleton like myself can break down, identify and then haphazardly forge ahead to recreate.

Here are a few of my favorites, but I heartily recommend you check out her comprehensive site and shoot her an e-mail with any questions or professional inquiries. She’s a gem, an absolute sweetheart.

{Photo #1: Michelle & Tracy McCormick via Pretty Haute Mess}

{Photo #2: MoodBoard via Pretty Haute Mess}

{Photo #3: Recreate via Pretty Haute Mess}

{Photo #4: This Next via Pretty Haute Mess}

The moral, of course, being “Get inspiration anywhere you can find it.” Masterpieces aren’t made by coloring inside the lines.
xo -MM.

{Photo Credits}
1. Michelle & Tracy McCormick
2. Mood Board
3. Recreate via Haute Pack
4. This Next via Whimsy

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