{Cookies: The Cure for the Common Humbug}

We here in the land of the ‘burbs have been bah-humbugging it up for the past week or so. I went from having almost nothing to do {boring} to having far too much to do {tiresome}. There doesn’t seem to be a happy medium.

And the list of people to whom I owe e-mail replies is shameful.

Also true to form, I have put off piecing together The Groom’s hand-made Christmas present until the very last minute. This has left me with a heap of stress and too few patience. This has also left me wondering why he didn’t just take me up on that offer of an iPad instead of requesting a hand-made present.

With roughly 48 hours until Christmas, I’m starting to feel the pressure. It didn’t stop me from baking enough cookies to feed an army – the Marvel army, to be exact. James took in 18 containers of cookies with several plates of reinforcements for anyone in the office unfortunate enough to have to work two days before Christmas.

Christmas Cookies


Today, I’m committing to shrugging off the awfulness I’ve been schlepping around with me. I’m going to let my heart be light, and I’m going to finish The Groom’s gift and life will be wonderful.

From everyone over here, we’re wishing you and yours a safe, happy, peaceful holiday full of love and laughter and hugs.


xo. -MM.

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