Stranger in my Shirt

This morning, James didn’t wake me up on time so I’m not going into the city until much later, if at all. This is not the first (or the fifth) time this has happened, and I believe I have come to the conclusion that it’s time for me to set my own alarm, even if James insists it’ll never happen again and that a second alarm isn’t necessary.

I love James, but when it comes to getting up on time, he’s delusional about his own capability.

But! The silver lining in the otherwise rough start to the day was an e-mail from Amanda over at Swoon Over It Photography. And, let me tell you– Swoon-worthy is an understatement for her work. Case in point:

My first reaction was: “Who’s that attractive, well-groomed, well-rested woman wearing my shirt?!”

Now, you should know that I prefaced my whole photo shoot experience by telling Amanda,

I have to tell you, I’m the most awkward person alive when a camera is pointed at me. I feel I should tell you that so you don’t pull out your camera and decide I’m the most socially mal-adjusted person you’ve ever met.

What can I say? I like to make a strong first impression. But Amanda was absolutely perfect– she made me feel right at ease and had me laughin the entire shoot. She has the same natural grace and balance that I boast (ahem) and did you know she went to school for English? Yeah. She’s this talented a photographer and she didn’t even study it full-time. Also, her giggle is like baby cherubs singing. You can quote me on that.

Another couple of snippets of Amanda’s work for your viewing delight:

Your eyes are surely hugging you right now. You’re welcome. If you ever find yourself in need of a photographer, I strongly encourage you to check out Amanda at Swoon Over It. It’s like hanging out with an old friend who happens to be particularly well-equipped to take photographs of you so stunning you’ll heavily consider asking her to follow you around, retouching your everyday moments with her Magic Awesome Dust.

xo -MM.

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  • Holy mackeral, lady. Look at your eyes!!!!! Beyond gorgeous! And while I don’t doubt Amanda’s talent for one single second, that attractive, well-groomed and well-rested woman is not all her doing. ;)

    P.S. How stinkin’ cute is that last photo of the baby? Thank you for posting these!

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