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{Save The Dates & Respite}

We have only just begun to recover from being snowed in for 72 straight hours after the blizzard last weekend. I’m in the process of trying to nail down a hotel package for the wedding party, and am playing phone tag with our Venue over a potential change to our package now that they’re under

{Cookies: The Cure for the Common Humbug}

We here in the land of the ‘burbs have been bah-humbugging it up for the past week or so. I went from having almost nothing to do {boring} to having far too much to do {tiresome}. There doesn’t seem to be a happy medium. And the list of people to whom I owe e-mail replies

{Holiday Survival}

At the end of every family recipe I write down, you will find the same two ingredients. They are there as an homage to my mother, who refuses to find a way to cook without them. The ingredients are Wine & Chocolate. Rarely are they added to her recipes – chicken and dumplings doesn’t receive

{The Most Terrifying Sight.}

I was in Penn Station, at Starbucks, rifling through my bag for my wallet, so I could just buy my damn latte and get on with my day. I had been jostled on the train, and had had a stroke of brilliance that I almost didn’t write down in time, because of all the jostling,

{Big News!}

I am not pregnant, people, OK? Now. Please keep in mind two things. 1. I hate iMovie and YouTube equally. 2. Someone gave me a lot of re-writes on the first draft, so this was a little more rushed that it should have been. But I couldn’t keep Danny G. waiting any longer {because I

{A Girl’s Best Friend} The Hope Diamond

I can’t give up the big secrets yet. But. In compensatory atonement, I’m  supplementing my Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday posts and sharing a little something something I think you’ll enjoy on this freezing Wednesday. I’m in the middle of researching a new project that has me all over the Smithsonian’s website. Needless to say, I’m rolling in a

{Deep Breath…}

I am going to blow each and every single one of your minds with what I have up my sleeve. Sadly, you’re going to have to wait until Thursday to find out what it is. But I promise. This is worth the wait. xo -MM.

{Engagement Blooper Reel}

And… as promised. With the Good comes, also, the Bad and the Ugly. Happily Jayd is a kickass photographer so the bad photos were alarmingly few and far between. But. Thanks to my super-awkward face, they were there. And now, they’re here! If there was an Academy Award Ceremony… for completely and horribly and irreparably

{Our Engagement}

Yes! At long last, our Engagement Photos are ready to be seen by {The Whole World}! Hurrah! {Are you cheering? I shall assume you are cheering!} Ladies and gentlemen, for your consideration: The Groom & I. We opted to shoot in our old ‘hood, where we lived together as a couple for the first time.


I… am not the best artist you’ll meet. In fact, the only thing I’m particularly adept at drawing are stick figures. But. What I lack in natural *ahem* talent… I make up for with enthusiasm and colored pencils. I was chatting with Aunt Paula at a party over the weekend and she told me about