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{Funny Story.}

Y’all wanna hear the funniest damn story? I bet you do. Remember, that one time, when I got all excited because we found the bridesmaid dresses at J.Crew? And then, recall that other time, when they told me that they had been discontinued, and all the sizes were sold out? Remember? … Remember? {click, if

{Engagement Shoot: My Favorite}

Hey, y’all. I owe you an apology. This week has been more intense than I expected, and it’s not going to ease up anytime soon. I have a lot of ideas ready for a Post-Thanksgiving, Post-Novel, Pre-Christmas posts that are going to make everyone’s soul heave a sign of relief and crack a smile, no

{Teaser} Engagement Bloopers

Also in the works for your viewing delight are some of what I affectionately call The Blooper Reel. Because I can’t keep my eyes open and James is just so silly, and because let’s face it, marriage itself is largely made out of blooper-reel moments. For example, when one of us thinks, float gracefully and

{Sneak Peek}

I just received our Engagement Photos– oh my word. I don’t want to scoop my photographer, so I’m only going to post my absolute favorite, and I’m going to wait until Tuesday to do it. But. In the meantime. Here’s a little sample for you. Make sure to check out Jayd’s blog on Monday to


If you missed it, there’s a lot going on over at the other pile-o-crazy that makes up my online life. I’m in the process of putting together all our favorite images from our DC adventures for your viewing delight, but in the meantime… go check out the exciting news one of my bridesmaids sprung on


Tomorrow, James and I will have officially been together for two complete, consecutive years. Everyone can thank Maxine for that, who yelled at me two years ago, telling me that it was just ridiculous that two people would spend so much time together and still deny being a couple. Now, I deny nothing. The last


Did you know that, to people who lip read, I love you looks exactly the same as Elephant Shoes and Olive Juice? This is one of those things that you learn when you live with your future in-laws, who happen to be deaf– right up there with Alarm clocks set for 6AM in other bedrooms

{A Note on Love.}

I’m not saying that James and I are always perfect, or that our relationship is better than everyone else’s {though I will confidently say that our relationship is better than all the relationships we’ve had with other people in the past, hence the diamond ring on my left hand and the hand-packed lunches he takes