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{King James & His Knights of the Round Table}

*Another post brought to you straight from The Groom about his Groomsmen. What exactly is a “Groomsman”? Well for that, we turn to the always trusty, Groomsman [groomz-muhn, groomz-]  –noun, plural -men. “a man who attends the bridegroom in a wedding ceremony.” A man who attends the bridegroom in a wedding ceremony? Like a

{Falling Outs}

Nobody ever really tells you that there are going to be ugly moments. They’ll tell you “It’ll be tough, sometimes.” or “It’s a lot of work, you know.” The brave people that venture in marriage before you… they hint that sometimes you’ll have to tough it out, but they never really tell you that there

J.Crew & I {Groom Remix}

*This post is brought to you courtesy of James, The Groom. If there’s one thing I love and miss the most about High School (this is a very small list), it’s wearing dressy clothes. Something about the feel of a suit just makes you feel extra important and this weekend, I got to go looking

J. Crew & I

J. Crew and I aren’t breaking up. I just feel like I need to preface the following story with that fact. I still love J. Crew, and respect J. Crew, and can clearly recall the days during which the sun rose and set by J. Crew. But holy shit are J. Crew and I ever

Networking Test

Just a small test to see if my new auto-publish features to Twitter and Facebook are up and running. Little preview of my wedding ring, anyone? xo -MM.

Love is a Battlefield

We have our engagement photos being taken tomorrow. That means today, all the preparing I should have been doing all week {but didn’t} needs to get done. That meant dragging James out of bed at the gruesomely early hour of 10AM {Why yes, I was up at 8 working, why do you ask?} and then

Something Pretty.

Are you having a long week? I’m having a long week. You know what cheers me up when I’m having long, rough weeks? Pretty things. And the prettiest thing I’ve come across lately is Return of the Dapper Men written my Jim McCann, artistically constructed by Janet K. Lee. The story is exceptionally well-told and

The Inspired List

I’d normally tag a post like this as {PDA} but, Lordy… It’s so much more than that. As a bride, some of the most stressful, daunting, harrowing, tense issues that I’ve had to deal with have centered around The Vendors. Now, we all know that I got my happy endings with each that I’ve booked

Reception Venue: The Sans Souci

I know I’ve told you before that we chose our venue, but I didn’t get into much detail, and I promise you this– our venue deserves a detailed shout-out. We selected the Sans Souci of Sea Cliff for a bunch of reasons– the location, the view, the staff, the menu, etc. The list goes on.

Goin’ to the Chapel…

When my parents came down… uh… two weekends ago, I took them to the church and over to the Sans Souci. I like to pretend that I don’t care what anyone thinks about the choices I’ve made for the wedding, but let’s be honest. I’m just saying that because you guys are so nice, and