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Stranger in my Shirt

This morning, James didn’t wake me up on time so I’m not going into the city until much later, if at all. This is not the first (or the fifth) time this has happened, and I believe I have come to the conclusion that it’s time for me to set my own alarm, even if

11Eleven11 Wedding Update

Y’all want an update on my wedding? I know you do. And now, complete with fancy-pants new graphic layouts, I present to you my favorite part of the wedding planning process so far: What we’re wearing. What do you guys think so far? {Be honest, I can handle all the compliments.} xo -MM.

Family Summit

This weekend, we’re having the last of the bajillion {read: Three} engagement parties, and my parents are traveling down from Upstate to meet the bulk of James’ family for the first time. They’ve met his parents, and his grandparents, but James has an impressive number of Aunts, Uncles and what I affectionately refer to as

RSVP Genius!

The thing I love about Brides is that these women, pushed to their limit with the details of the biggest Dinner Party of their lives, are just brilliant. Like animals whose survival instincts have been piqued and honed over centuries of evolution and trying circumstances, some brides just rise to the challenges of The Big

Heart of Gold.

James left me to my own devices this morning, and it just so happens that I have a new bottle of golden paint and a super-fine paint brush that needed to be played with. He wouldn’t let me paint on him, no matter how sweetly I asked, so I was left with no choices but

A Bigger Sky.

Above all else as a bride, I’m guilty of losing perspective. Especially now that I’m writing for wedding photographers, it’s easy to lose sight of perspective specifically when it comes to photography. Once you’ve been a bride for a couple months, you forget that a whole world exists outside The Wedding. In fact, more than

{PDA} Dog n’ Bird Artful Wedding

Most girls my age moved to New York City because they want to be Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha or {hah} Miranda. I moved to New York because I was completely obsessed with Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Point of Interest: I am obsessed with everything Tiffany & Co., and only showed mercy in that area when I told

{Public Displays of Affection}

Alright, ladies and gentlemen. As I’ve said over on MoxieMissives, both blogs are getting a Content Redesign. I already love the look of 11eleven11, so it’s not going to get the overhaul Facelift/Makeover that MoxieMissives can expect. I’m going to wait and do the full launch of the content redesign along with MoxieMissives, hopefully the

A City Engagement

Not last weekend, but the weekend before, I was reminded just how lucky we are to have the friends that we do. Maxine and Rosa put their lovely heads together and pulled out all the stops in planning an engagement party for James and I on the rooftop of The Delancey. The venue was like

Calendar Guest Book

Oh, Martha. James is lucky I didn’t find you first, or he’d have to take a number to marry me. Alright: Confession. I stock up on greeting cards. Thank-you cards, mostly, because you never want to get caught short a Thank-you card when you need one. My mother has effectively railed it into my brain