Monthly Archives: August 2010

Wedding Hair Demo

This is not for people to view. This is me, not wearing a scrap of makeup, doing my hair for a fellow Twitter Bride, because I can’t find the photo of the hairstyle. Like… I haven’t put on makeup at all this week, so there’s not even a courtesy layer of concealer that you’d normally


Ok. Not many things get me completely mental. Nora Ephron movies do. Really exceptional desserts do. And Autumn does. Lordy, does Autumn ever! Everything smells like Autumn, and you can feel it coming a couple days before it arrives. For a control freak like me, seeing the change in seasons ahead of time makes me

Ode to Martha

I love Martha Stewart. Not just because her Craft Encyclopedia is the only reason I’m going to put together a stylish-looking wedding, but also because you’ll notice that almost everything in our registry is by Martha. Even the cups. Let me just tell you this right now: I love Martha because her style reminds me

The Fainting Damsel Schtick.

Alright, fine. I’m not fainting, nor am I really a damsel. But I am uncharacteristically slammed for the rest of this week, and most of next. I have a couple new, big projects that I’m trying to get up off the ground, and they’re a little heavier than I expected them to be at first.

Engaging Invitations.

James and I are in the middle of an Engagement Party Blitz. We made it over the first hurdle– The Upstate Engagement Party– with no kinks except for the Thank You notes getting lost in the mail. Thank you, NYC. Now my superstar bridesmaid team Maxine and Rosa have been scrambling to put together a

J. Crew & Co.

Today’s Adventure in Weddingland involved dragging my Maid of Honor to the J.Crew Wedding boutique on Madison Avenue and making her try on a hundred different dresses so we’d have a ballpark idea of what shapes look good on what body type. (Translate: Maxine has boobs and I do not.) At first, I wasn’t sure

Dating and Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart struck gold again, except this time she did it back in 2006. Perusing her website, I found a gorgeous image of centerpieces set into vintage tea tins. We’re going to use the flower-pot-tea-kettles my mother found me as our centerpiece holders, but vintage tea tins would be perfect as a different element somewhere