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Presents for James.

Had a good week shopping for James, and I thought I’d share my successes because, let’s be honest, sometimes the men in our lives are so damn hard to shop for. So! In the spirit of successful Guy-Shopping, I am sharing. You can read all about it over at Moxie Missives, {here}. xo — MM.


I spent this past weekend Upstate because I needed to recharge my batteries. Do you know what’s less relaxing than work? Going home, Upstate, that’s what. On the up-side, it was the first real chance I got to guiltlessly brainstorm for the wedding, as I don’t have classes or work to worry about in my

Ke-Pew, Ke-Pew

This is the Groom’s retelling of the Registry Experience. First things first, contrary to popular belief – when registering for your wedding, you don’t get a gun. You don’t even get something that resembles a gun. In fact, you get a bulky PDA from 2001 running a terrible early version of Windows Mobile OS that

The Queen’s Court.

I clearly remember one morning on Facebook, before I was engaged, when I was perusing the wedding photographs of an old friend from High School, and she had 7 bridesmaids. And I almost fell off the bed. Because HOLY SHIT, seven is a lot of women to have pecking at you on a day when

Mad Men is Maddening.

I have been watching Mad Men, which is an excellent show and the reaason for my new obsession with pale skin, blue eyes and red lipstick. It’s also a great way to wonder about the fidelity capability of every single guy on the planet. On another, and very exciting note, my Freshman year roommate from

The Ultimate Shopping Spree

James and I laid the groundwork for our Registries today. Anyone else out there feel a little uncomfortable shopping for a house they don’t yet own, making a list of future-gifts from the people they already feel the most indebted to? No? Just me? OK THEN. Moving right along… James and I stood in the

The Knotty Bride

When it comes to getting married, I am now perfectly comfortable admitting that Some of Us are better than Others of Us at getting married. Moreover, I am in the second category– the girls whose wedding skillz {ahem} could use a bit of pruning. It’s not that I don’t love my wedding– my wedding is

“Drink Me!”

My favorite thing about running Wedding Errands with Rosa is that when we’re all done, I am then allowed to order a cocktail even if it’s just 4 o’clock in the afternoon. She calls me “Little Bride” and it makes her just about my favorite person on the face of the Earth. We ran yesterday