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How to Love an Alice

Hey. You, there. Come on over, have a cup of coffee at my place. And read a little somethin’ somethin’ I wrote up on why it is, exactly, that James is the one I choose to spend the rest of my life with. xo, -M.

Location, location…loca…wait where?

So we’ve been engaged for a little over a week now. Actually, it’s been two, and since before day one, the “location” of the wedding was always pretty ambiguous. We have a general idea of what we’d like but no real firm idea. Long Island has a lot of very nice locations to get married

Material, girls!

You can’t judge me for this. I already have my wedding dress. Trust me, my mother has already made plenty of jokes at my expense, and I know how it seems. “She’s not getting married until 2011 and the girl already has her dress??” Yes, the girl does. And the girl will tell you why.

Our Best-Guest Lists.

It seems having a small wedding is harder than you think. James and I have been keeping a running list of people we’d like to invite (and their plus 1′s) and we can’t seem to knock the number below 150-175. I guess it’s a trivial problem, having so many people we love so much. We

Errant errands.

According to all my calculations, the wedding is still almost 1.5 years away. More than that. A year and a half and two months. Pleeeeenty of time. Except, with the great reaction to the engagement, I suddenly feel compelled to have the whole wedding planned immediately, so we can start answering questions. I know how

Picking the Date

James and I, though in the very early stages of this engagement (translate: I’m still poking myself in the face with the ring a lot), have decided that our wedding date is going to be November 11, 2011. Beyond that, we know very little about the specifics. The date holds special meaning to us because