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The production is only as good as its answers, and we’re only as great as our amazing people. The cast in this one is just as great as the event itself.

{51 – Thrifty in White}

If we’re going to be really honest here — and we are, but only for today– this wedding is getting big and a little complicated. You don’t have to tell me that everything will be beautiful and the day will end up being lovely. I know that. I’m putting in countless hours each week to

Home for the Weekend.

James and I trekked Upstate for our Upstate Wedding Shower this weekend. Our 4.5 hour-long train ride took 6.5 hours, due to electrical problems {burning} and a ten-year old kid who told the conductor that he was traveling with his mother. It turned out, however, that she had sent him to school that morning and

{Engagement Blooper Reel}

And… as promised. With the Good comes, also, the Bad and the Ugly. Happily Jayd is a kickass photographer so the bad photos were alarmingly few and far between. But. Thanks to my super-awkward face, they were there. And now, they’re here! If there was an Academy Award Ceremony… for completely and horribly and irreparably

{J. Crew: The Full Story}

All right. The girls have received their dresses – for the most part – so I make no hesitation to tell the rest of brides out there the epic tale of getting 6 bridesmaids who live several thousand miles from one another fitted, ordered and on the same page. First, I have to let it


If you missed it, there’s a lot going on over at the other pile-o-crazy that makes up my online life. I’m in the process of putting together all our favorite images from our DC adventures for your viewing delight, but in the meantime… go check out the exciting news one of my bridesmaids sprung on


Tomorrow, James and I will have officially been together for two complete, consecutive years. Everyone can thank Maxine for that, who yelled at me two years ago, telling me that it was just ridiculous that two people would spend so much time together and still deny being a couple. Now, I deny nothing. The last

{King James & His Knights of the Round Table}

*Another post brought to you straight from The Groom about his Groomsmen. What exactly is a “Groomsman”? Well for that, we turn to the always trusty, Groomsman [groomz-muhn, groomz-]  –noun, plural -men. “a man who attends the bridegroom in a wedding ceremony.” A man who attends the bridegroom in a wedding ceremony? Like a

J.Crew & I {Groom Remix}

*This post is brought to you courtesy of James, The Groom. If there’s one thing I love and miss the most about High School (this is a very small list), it’s wearing dressy clothes. Something about the feel of a suit just makes you feel extra important and this weekend, I got to go looking

Something Pretty.

Are you having a long week? I’m having a long week. You know what cheers me up when I’m having long, rough weeks? Pretty things. And the prettiest thing I’ve come across lately is Return of the Dapper Men written my Jim McCann, artistically constructed by Janet K. Lee. The story is exceptionally well-told and

The Inspired List

I’d normally tag a post like this as {PDA} but, Lordy… It’s so much more than that. As a bride, some of the most stressful, daunting, harrowing, tense issues that I’ve had to deal with have centered around The Vendors. Now, we all know that I got my happy endings with each that I’ve booked