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The best part of the process? We get to taste everything.

Family Summit

This weekend, we’re having the last of the bajillion {read: Three} engagement parties, and my parents are traveling down from Upstate to meet the bulk of James’ family for the first time. They’ve met his parents, and his grandparents, but James has an impressive number of Aunts, Uncles and what I affectionately refer to as


Ok. Not many things get me completely mental. Nora Ephron movies do. Really exceptional desserts do. And Autumn does. Lordy, does Autumn ever! Everything smells like Autumn, and you can feel it coming a couple days before it arrives. For a control freak like me, seeing the change in seasons ahead of time makes me

Ode to Martha

I love Martha Stewart. Not just because her Craft Encyclopedia is the only reason I’m going to put together a stylish-looking wedding, but also because you’ll notice that almost everything in our registry is by Martha. Even the cups. Let me just tell you this right now: I love Martha because her style reminds me

“Drink Me!”

My favorite thing about running Wedding Errands with Rosa is that when we’re all done, I am then allowed to order a cocktail even if it’s just 4 o’clock in the afternoon. She calls me “Little Bride” and it makes her just about my favorite person on the face of the Earth. We ran yesterday