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Event dates, times and details. Think of them as mental notes, scribbled haphazardly into my day planner. Except more legible.

{60 Days – Wedding Mode}

Time Remaining Until Wedding: {60 Days} I spent the weekend in Wedding Mode. I felt bad for James, who kept trying to talk to me about extra-wedding things, much to his own detriment. “Hey, Mal!” He said as he got home from work on Friday, planting a kiss on my forehead. “How was your lunch

{63 – DIY Planning & “Oh Shit” Moments}

Hi! Yessss, I do realize we are now halfway through January and I haven’t updated. I took a self-imposed vacation from both my sites, and gave myself an extra two weeks off. I could tell you I’m sorry, but I don’t like to lie. The truth is, I needed the break from both blogs. Partially

{Save The Dates & Respite}

We have only just begun to recover from being snowed in for 72 straight hours after the blizzard last weekend. I’m in the process of trying to nail down a hotel package for the wedding party, and am playing phone tag with our Venue over a potential change to our package now that they’re under


Tomorrow, James and I will have officially been together for two complete, consecutive years. Everyone can thank Maxine for that, who yelled at me two years ago, telling me that it was just ridiculous that two people would spend so much time together and still deny being a couple. Now, I deny nothing. The last

Love is a Battlefield

We have our engagement photos being taken tomorrow. That means today, all the preparing I should have been doing all week {but didn’t} needs to get done. That meant dragging James out of bed at the gruesomely early hour of 10AM {Why yes, I was up at 8 working, why do you ask?} and then

A City Engagement

Not last weekend, but the weekend before, I was reminded just how lucky we are to have the friends that we do. Maxine and Rosa put their lovely heads together and pulled out all the stops in planning an engagement party for James and I on the rooftop of The Delancey. The venue was like

Calendar Guest Book

Oh, Martha. James is lucky I didn’t find you first, or he’d have to take a number to marry me. Alright: Confession. I stock up on greeting cards. Thank-you cards, mostly, because you never want to get caught short a Thank-you card when you need one. My mother has effectively railed it into my brain


Ok. Not many things get me completely mental. Nora Ephron movies do. Really exceptional desserts do. And Autumn does. Lordy, does Autumn ever! Everything smells like Autumn, and you can feel it coming a couple days before it arrives. For a control freak like me, seeing the change in seasons ahead of time makes me

The Fainting Damsel Schtick.

Alright, fine. I’m not fainting, nor am I really a damsel. But I am uncharacteristically slammed for the rest of this week, and most of next. I have a couple new, big projects that I’m trying to get up off the ground, and they’re a little heavier than I expected them to be at first.

Engaging Invitations.

James and I are in the middle of an Engagement Party Blitz. We made it over the first hurdle– The Upstate Engagement Party– with no kinks except for the Thank You notes getting lost in the mail. Thank you, NYC. Now my superstar bridesmaid team Maxine and Rosa have been scrambling to put together a