{51 – Thrifty in White}

If we’re going to be really honest here — and we are, but only for today– this wedding is getting big and a little complicated.

You don’t have to tell me that everything will be beautiful and the day will end up being lovely. I know that. I’m putting in countless hours each week to assure that. But.

But. My family, like every other family out there, squabbles. We’re not perfect people. We’re a hot-headed bloodline full of heavy opinions and a pathological allergy to listening. We’re always right, just ask us, and for the most part this leads to a strong, unifying bond, solidified in love and  sheer stubbornness.

Sometimes, a phone call home to wail about paper flowers just isn’t worth the trouble of my mother’s well-meaning tendency to problem solve. Sometimes I’m not looking for a solution. Sometimes… I just want to whine.

For that very reason, I’m grateful for my fellow Bride-Friends. There is a handful of a women to whom I can go with any problem, any issue, no matter how big or how small. Most of them live roughly a bajillion miles from me, but, as it turns out, distance means very little when you have so much in common, like a debilitating tendency to marathon-watch trashy TV to cheer yourself up, or a want to just whine over paper flowers, no solutions necessary.

They’re kindred spirits, these women, forging bravely forward in the same, uncharted territory that I suddenly find myself exploring.

Shining brightly in the center of my Bride Friends is Hollie, writer and supergirl responsible for Thrifty in White, a phenomenal budget wedding site that chronicles her adventures as she DIYs her way down the aisle with her husband-to-be, Dustin.

As stolen from the Thrifty in White Facebook Fan Page. :)

She’s just awesome. She lives in Chicago, but the distance between us makes no difference because, step for step, we just seem to be on the same page of our lives. And do you know how good it feels to have someone who just gets it?

Magical. It’s just magical, especially when your worries and gripes range from Tommy Hilfiger sent me mismatched ties! to The Groom wants a brass band for the wedding?! There is nothing more comforting than hearing that special brand of sympathy from a friend whose retailers, too, don’t understand the importance of matching ties, or who tends to glue herself to her craft projects.

Hollie is all that and more. She’s witty and creative and brilliant, not to mention a sensational wordsmith. She’s down to earth and funny– everything I look for in a bridal blogger.

If you’re not already reading her, I heartily recommend that you commence, at once, in doing so.

51 Days Left until the Big Day! :)

xo -MM.

{Upstate Wedding Shower}

Everyone survived the wedding shower/ stag party in Upstate, though there were a few moments there wherein my beloved future husband became intimately acquainted with my uncle’s bar-room toilet, and I was worried about the potential for alcohol poisoning. This is what happens when my uncles get their hands on people. They’re the manliest he-men

Home for the Weekend.

James and I trekked Upstate for our Upstate Wedding Shower this weekend. Our 4.5 hour-long train ride took 6.5 hours, due to electrical problems {burning} and a ten-year old kid who told the conductor that he was traveling with his mother. It turned out, however, that she had sent him to school that morning and

{58 – PDA – Pretty Haute Mess}

I have oscillated through a handful of Online Bridal Site Phases. Hear me out. I started out not wanting to get sucked into Wedding World. Everyone looked so happy all the time; it didn’t seem normal. From the outside, it looked like a world of white, where women drank red wine and didn’t spill it

{60 Days – Wedding Mode}

Time Remaining Until Wedding: {60 Days} I spent the weekend in Wedding Mode. I felt bad for James, who kept trying to talk to me about extra-wedding things, much to his own detriment. “Hey, Mal!” He said as he got home from work on Friday, planting a kiss on my forehead. “How was your lunch

{63 – DIY Planning & “Oh Shit” Moments}

Hi! Yessss, I do realize we are now halfway through January and I haven’t updated. I took a self-imposed vacation from both my sites, and gave myself an extra two weeks off. I could tell you I’m sorry, but I don’t like to lie. The truth is, I needed the break from both blogs. Partially

{Save The Dates & Respite}

We have only just begun to recover from being snowed in for 72 straight hours after the blizzard last weekend. I’m in the process of trying to nail down a hotel package for the wedding party, and am playing phone tag with our Venue over a potential change to our package now that they’re under

{Cookies: The Cure for the Common Humbug}

We here in the land of the ‘burbs have been bah-humbugging it up for the past week or so. I went from having almost nothing to do {boring} to having far too much to do {tiresome}. There doesn’t seem to be a happy medium. And the list of people to whom I owe e-mail replies

{Holiday Survival}

At the end of every family recipe I write down, you will find the same two ingredients. They are there as an homage to my mother, who refuses to find a way to cook without them. The ingredients are Wine & Chocolate. Rarely are they added to her recipes – chicken and dumplings doesn’t receive

{The Most Terrifying Sight.}

I was in Penn Station, at Starbucks, rifling through my bag for my wallet, so I could just buy my damn latte and get on with my day. I had been jostled on the train, and had had a stroke of brilliance that I almost didn’t write down in time, because of all the jostling,